Wonderful Porcelain Collections For Flooring And Walls

Porcelain tiles are ceramic options that come in unique colors and shades. They are of 2 main kinds – glazed and matte. Glazed are polished and glossy tiles that have the following benefits.

  • Using them in darker rooms can compensate for low lighting conditions.
  • Installing them in smaller rooms creates an illusion of more space.
  • It’s easier to clean them and they have a dense surface too.

Matter tiles, on the other hand, are unpolished, rustic, natural, and raw. They’re mostly preferred for bathroom floors since they are less slippery and have comparatively more moisture resistance.

That being said, some of the wonderful porcelain collections that you must check out at Carreaux Metro are listed below.

  • For people who want to give their walls a 3-D effect, the Buxy collection is a wonderful option.
  • Tiles in the District collection have a more urban look.
  • The Elegance collection imparts a wooden look.
  • The Galaxy collection tiles are the best for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.
  • Evoque collection tiles give rooms a spacious appearance.
  • Myspace collection offers a wooden charm in the modern rustic decor.
  • Alp stone collection is for a contemporary touch.
  • Sober tiles in the Prima collection are available in matte as well as gloss.
  • Rialto collection has a classic marble finish.

Thus, you can renovate your homes to get any desired look whether it’s natural, authentic, contemporary, countryside, modern, urban, classic, retro, or 3D. Moving on, some spectacular benefits of using porcelain ceramic tiles for house renovation are listed below.

  1. They Are Reliable

The multiple reasons that porcelain ceramic tiles are deemed reliable include the following.

  • They have a long life of over 5-7 years.
  • They have a dense surface that’s moisture and water-resistant.
  • They don’t lose color and shine easily since they don’t catch stains easily.
  1. They Are Low Maintenance

Some obvious reasons that porcelain tiles need no special maintenance treatment are listed below.

  • Mopping is enough to remove dirt from the tile surface.
  • A simple detergent wash can remove dirt from the corners.
  • It’s very simple to replace a broken tile without affecting the ones nearby.
  1. They Are Beautiful

Porcelain tiles can be sober as well as fancy. Besides, the color options and designs that they offer are eye-tempting.

Certain specific collections like the Ocean Black collection and the Ice collection are subtle and sober natural colors. Also, some of the most iconic shapes include hexagonal, square, and medley with designs on white.