Why Vinyl is a No Match to Tiles?

Vinyl tiles are mostly made of plastics. Although you can buy vinyl in tiles and planks that mimic the look of wood with vinyl laminate flooring, they do not come close to matching the advantages of an organic tile floor. Below are some of the most important reasons to choose tile flooring instead of vinyl tiles:

Vinyl Tiles can Reduce the Quality of your Indoor Air

Because vinyl tiles are made with PVC resin, they can releases gases from the air that can build up over time. This can produce asthmatic responses in people who have asthma and contributes to indoor air pollution. This is something you cannot experience with tiles. Tiles are made of organic materials so they do not produce gas. Choose the best tiles for your home at Granite au Sommet.

Vinyl Tiles can Peel

Although vinyl is water-resistant on the surface, when water seeps under them, their adhesive glue can give way. Thus, they will peel. Also, plank flooring is not ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as humidity can cause it to warp. But, tiles have no such issues with damp environments and the grout keeps them in place.

They are of Low Quality

Although new choices of vinyl tiles can mimic stone or wood, they cannot match the quality of the originals. As a homeowner that wants quality tiles, you want to pick real tiles instead of copies. For more start power, pick a custom medallion cut out with waterjet technology to ensure your tile project is seamless.

The grout in tile installations can be a feature when you use various grout colours and widths. This is a potential that vinyl tiles do not possess. Vinyl plank flooring that floats above the subfloors doesn’t have grout and you can spot gaps easily when it becomes loose or has been poorly installed. Vinyl tiles that make use of adhesives have visible lines between them.

Vinyl is Not As Durable as Tiles

Because tiles can be made of stone or ceramic, they can last up to fifty years. Vinyl flooring is expected to last just between 10 and 20 years. But, ceramic and stone tiles are much harder on the surface than vinyl so they can withstand more wear and tear than vinyl. This makes tiles ideal for entryways.

Vinyl Does Not Increase Home Value

Most home buyers do not appreciate vinyl tiles. In fact, they may stay away from homes with this flooring to avoid spending money on flooring replacement. But, tiles are far more appealing to buyers and can even increase the resale value of your home.