Why Should You Get a Retaining Wall?

If you want to add texture and character to your outdoor space or you want a feature that is both decorative and functional, a retaining wall is a great idea. The wall keeps dirt from getting onto your property or from falling onto the sidewalk around your home. Retaining walls are great for garden spaces as well, since they keep the soil intact. Here are some advantages to consider when you’re thinking of getting a retaining wall.

What Do Retaining Walls Do?

Simply put, a retaining wall is a stone structure that keeps rocks and soil in place. There are several types of retaining walls, such as anchored walls, cantilever walls and gravity walls.

Retaining walls are necessary if you have sloped land around your house. If part of your yard naturally goes downhill, the retaining walls will keep debris and chunks of soil from rolling down your landscape. Loose soil and dirt can be a significant problem during heavy rain, since the soil runoff can make the soil weaker. Weak soil can also affect the conditions of your plants and trees. The retaining walls serves as a buffer.

Making Retaining Walls Attractive

Some retaining walls are essential for soil retention, but there are also situations in which retaining walls can provide an attractive element to your property. If you choose an experienced builder for your retaining wall, you can request that several tiers be added to the wall to give the wall more dimension. This feature will make your property stand out and add curb appeal. The stone colors you select can also expertly hide slopes on the property to make your lawn appear even.

The type of retaining walls you should get depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, a basic gravity walls that holds soil place with concrete or stones works well in an area of the yard that doesn’t have much force against the slope. Sheet piling is the best option for a retaining wall when you’re protecting tight spaces or soft soil.

Building The Retaining Wall

Once you are familiar with your yard and you know the type of retaining wall you need, you’ll have to decide whether you want a simple or elaborate wall. If you’re accustomed to completing home improvement projects, you may want to build the wall yourself. If you decide you want to make changes to the retaining wall, you can contact a professional construction company to enhance the wall for you. If you’re not sure how you want to build the wall or the materials you should use, it’s best to call a contractor who can help. The contractor can also provide you with options with materials to use for the wall. It’s also helpful to see some pictures of before and after projects for retaining walls so you can decide the ways that you want the wall to accent your lawn. You can customize the colors and textures you want for the wall to make the structure one of a kind to complement your home.