Why Should You Always Choose Real Marble for Your Kitchen Countertops?


You may be a marble aficionado and you may also want to install it as your kitchen countertop. But often you are haunted with the question of whether it is worth to care and maintain to keep it in a top notch condition. When you compare this stone to granite and quartzite, marble is a soft stone. It can create an easy etch, develops a patina or change in color because of oxidation. But, no matter what your love for marble can be replaced with no alternative. You may be right because there are many reasons to why marbles are ideal as kitchen countertops. Entrepot Cuisine lists a few of them below.


  • You can seal it to protect it from stains


People are concerned about the staining when considering to install a marble countertop. Yes, it is more prone to get stained or etched from certain foods but you can take some steps to avoid this. One way to do this is by applying a sealer that fills the pores on the surface to slow the liquids from being absorbed inside, giving you more time to clean away the spills. If the sealers are not effective, ask your supplier for a multi-year stain warranty to fix this issue.


  • Honed marble is as good as polished and you don’t have to be concerned about etching as well


Honed marble comes with a matte finish. In other words, all dullness will be much less noticeable than it would on highly polished surface. Honed marble comprises of a soft and satin finish instead of a glossy shine.


  • Every marble slab is exceptional


Many people prefer installing engineered quartz countertops that resemble marble products, keeping in mind that they are more manageable. But, know that it will not have the same depth, exceptional patterns and range of colors like the marble stone has. Also, when installing a real marble countertop, you also have the option to choose a truly 100 percent bona fide slab. No other kitchen has the precisely same veining and features.


  • Marble is naturally heat proof


If you love baking, we have a good news for you. Marble is known to be the most heat resistant stone among all and is much more heat resistant than the resin based engineered quartz. This very characteristic renders marble a famous choice for fireplace surrounds. You can also use them on counters, islands as well as in vanities.