What exactly are roller shades?

To put it simply, roller shades are screens for windows that blocks out light. Ofcourse, there are different varieties of roller shades, based on aesthetics and functionality. Some might deem it outdated but at Store Urbain, we provide state of the art motorized shades, a noticeable component in luxury apartments and houses.

The different types of roller shades

  1. Blackout roller shades

Usually, curtains are used as a way to block out light but roller shades are designed to provide complete darkness in a room in order to ensure overall privacy. Not only does it block out light but noise too. This is great way to enable complete seclusion, peace and makes for a fine investment during the day time to provide sound sleep.

  1. Dual roller shades

This is quite different from the blackout roller shades whose sole feature is blocking out all light. The dual roller shades provides filtered natural sunlight, thereby enhancing the room decor. This way, it can light up certain furniture in your house while at the same time block excessive sunlight from touching sensitive fabric or upholstery which can cause damage by fading of colour. Our roller shades will make sure that the heat is reduced so you don’t have to turn up that A.C! This will preserve your architectural art crafts by highlighting and yet protecting them.

Why you really need roller shades

  1. Varieties of fabrics

Roller shades come in variety of colours and fabrics. The colours can range from neutrals like white, grey, beige to more playful tones like blue and green and dark hues as well. You also choose the fabric, depending on the texture.

  1. Simple straight lines

While it might appear to look basic, roller shades are classic and modern. Due to the clean lines, the light entering will not distract you from the interior decoration but will only serve to compliment the look.

  1. Easy to operate

They are very simple to operate as all you have to do it is to pull the cord that’s attached to the shades. There are other types of functions but since they’ve been around for so long, most people are accustomed to the design.

  1. They are modern

While people tend to look upon roller shades as old-fashioned, the beauty of roller shades is in its versatility. They can be used in simple classic apartments and also in luxury spaces. They fit right in! Ofcourse, if you want to go all out, you can choose bright shades and tailor them to your liking.