Understanding Proper Pond Maintenance

The ecosystem of a commercial or residential pond, whether natural or man-made, is a delicate one that needs regular maintenance for the safety of the wildlife and people using the area. Many business and home owners rely on their ponds to provide a certain aesthetic appeal to their property, while others encourage human usage via fishing, swimming, or other water-based activities. But like anything else, a pond must fight against naturally-occurring factors to keep it safe. As such, healthy oxygen levels are the best way to preserve the overall well-being of the pond, and owners should invest in pond aerators and fountains to protect their ponds while maintaining a pleasant viewing experience.

Visually-Appealing Fountains

Installing a fountain is both an aesthetic and functional addition to your pond. Simply put, people enjoy the peaceful sounds of a flowing fountain as the water cascades down an attractive sculpture and ripples out to the shoreline. From a practical standpoint, this rippling effect also prevents surface stagnation. In addition to looking dirty and unpleasant, stagnation causes odors and creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and both factors naturally turn people away from the pond. When the pond is being utilized as a showcase for your commercial business, these factors can have a negative impact on the perception of your company.

Health-Conscious Aerators

While having less of an impact on human perception, aerators are vital to the overall health of your pond. At times, and especially during warm months, oxygen that is naturally produced and absorbed within the pond can begin to dissipate. When this occurs, fish and other creatures living in and near the pond can suffocate and die. Installing and constantly running an aerator beneath the surface allows the owner to monitor and maintain healthy oxygen levels at all times, which in turn protects wildlife from dangerous drops in oxygen levels.