The Occasions Speak for the Tablecloths

Show tablecloths reflect the tastes and personalities of each of us very much, the criteria chosen are many in terms of patterns, colors and fabrics. You can also choose a custom-made tablecloth.

Like all things, even choosing the right tablecloth for the occasion or for simple family lunches, should be done in the most correct and thoughtful way in order to make the meal a little more colorful and varied.

How to choose the right tablecloth for you

Depending on the situation we may find ourselves choosing between different trade show table covers even if, in most cases, for an elegant dinner it is preferable to use a plain color, at most with some slightly different but always sober imagination and nuance, opting for colors like white, cream, ivory or, in any case, light colors.

Following this style will make it much easier to combine the dishes and avoid too strong or even tacky combinations.

How to place the custom tablecloth

Before spreading the custom-made tablecloth it is always a good idea to place a flannel on the table, without forming folds, which is nothing more than a very thick sheet that is used to protect the table from scratches that could ruin it.

At this point you can switch to the actual tablecloth, which must be clearly clean, without stains and preferably without a fold, to remedy this, try to stretch it as best as possible after washing it, making sure to pass the iron on at least the lines that you they can form when placed in a drawer.

As for its size, the etiquette foresees that this must be put in a central manner so as to fall equally on all its parts and with a maximum lapel of 30 centimeters so as not to cause inconvenience to the guests. The use of long tablecloths that completely cover the table legs is not recommended.

Your custom tablecloth

There are so many original and tasteful solutions for your table, you will only have to find the one that most appeals to your “appetite”.

If, on the other hand, you want to go more on the classic, but remain equally elegant, we suggest you choose pure linen tablecloths.

The choice of tablecloths in the kitchen is so personal and vast that giving advice is difficult. Of course, the options depend on the various occasions, but today the hosts prefer to let the imagination run free rather than read suggestions about the etiquette books. Let us limit ourselves to a small guideline.

Size, Fabric, Colors: The Identikit Of The Tablecloth

A beautiful tablecloth is able to revive the aesthetic fate of a bad table (and kitchen). However, in the same way, a bad choice can compromise the elegance of the environment and all the efforts made here.