How to Prepare Your House for Replacement Windows

Replacing windows of your house requires plenty of work and preparation from your side as well as the professional whom you hired to do the job for you. Once you have got all the materials and just the installation job is required; you would need to prepare your house so that the professionals of replacement windows in Highland Park can just walk in and do the job smoothly for you.

All rooms will be touched

Windows are in every room, and thus, the professionals would be walking in every room. You need to prepare accordingly and even temporarily pack some of your things like showpieces, expensive piece of art, etc. such that none get damaged or broken even by accident during the above normal traffic.

Pave the way

There would be a team of people who would undertake the job of replacing windows. Furthermore, they would be working on the window. Thus, it is important that you remove all furniture falling in the way like a sofa, and others for a smooth walk-in and walk-out. In case there is any furniture below the window like a cabinet; it should be removed to clear the space and let the team work efficiently.

Bare the windows

Next, you must bare the windows. It implies removing all decorative items, plants, and any other things that you might have placed on the window. You also need to remove all window treatments like curtains, sheers, or even blinds. In case you have interior shutters or blinds; you would need to remove them as well. All decorations and any item lying in the path and around the windows must be removed and stored away for protection.

Know what to cover

You might be able to store away small items, but you cannot do so for large items like sofa, dining table and others. Have a word with your contractor and understand what items you would cover and what would be given a protective cover by them.

Taking these precautions would protect your house from plenty of damage and messiness post installation of the replacement windows.