Hands-Down Checklist for a Seamless Moving Process

 Shifting to a new residence or office setup requires detailed, meticulous and step-by-step procedure. This ensures a seamless, smooth movement of all items from one place to another. Generally, the preparation starts two months in advance.

Two months in advance

  • Decide what furniture and items to take and what not to.
  • Decide on items that require extra insurance coverage.
  • Decide on the kind of packing required for each item. For example, glass, crockery etc need extra care.
  • Make a list of prospective companies and their quotes.
  • File neatly the bills and receipts. Also, make a list of those cartons assigned to specific rooms in your new home and the items included in it.
  • If you have school-going children, get the formalities of transfer finalised.

One month in advance

  • Finalise the moving company and their quotes and finish the initial payments.
  • Start packing items in their respective cartons. Be careful in handling items like breakables, jewellery and valuables.
  • Start using up the perishables.
  • The following should be notified of your shifting status –
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Brokerage firms
  • Insurance company
  • Health care provider for your medical reports
  • Employer’s HR department
  • Newspapers, magazines

One week in advance

  • Get a few days off from work for shifting.
  • Shift valuables in the safe box from your old bank to the new one.
  • Purchase medicines for a couple of weeks in advance.
  • Finish any intended service for your car or any electrical devices.
  • Pack a few clothing and essentials separately in a suitcase.
  • Clean your new home.

One day in advance

  • Defrost your refrigerator by unplugging it the night before.
  • Double check on grills, heaters, water hose etc. so that they are in order before leaving.
  • Keep cash ready for final payments and tips.

On the day of moving

  • Protect the floors during movement of the cartons and furniture.
  • Cross-check the details of the truck that comes for moving with the details given on the receipt.
  • Make your bed, set up the toiletries for a good shower and stock up with required groceries.


This is a monumental task to do on one’s own. Black Tie is one of the INC500 listed companies that can help you with a stress-free relocation process. What remains is to allow yourself to be peacefully absorbed, into your new home and a new world.