Best Porcelain Collections Of All Times for Superior Interiors 

Every house deserves the care of the inspiring designs and patterns of porcelain tiles at Carreaux Metro. If a limited budget has been stopping you from giving your property the love it deserves, then, the good news is that porcelain tiles are quite affordable replacements for natural stones and wood. Nevertheless, it’s also never too late to renovate your house in order to increase its sales value if you’re looking out for the options to sell it. Therefore, whether planning to revamp an existing property or on the verge of building a new one, you can always choose options from the following beautiful porcelain tile collections available at Carreaux Metro.

  1. Polido Concrete Collection

Made from the porcelain concrete imported from the native land of Portugal, the tiles from this collection are semi-polished and exclusively curated for the purpose of indoor installation only. They are made available in 4 attractive colors, Fog, Nut, Smoke, White, and are made squarish.

  1. New York Collection

Inspired from the rare colors, Soho, Chelsea, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, these tiles are made from Italian porcelain. They can be made to resemble the shape of bricks as well as a hexagon. Other features that make the tiles from the NY collection so enticing are given below.

  • These floor and wall tiles offer a beautiful mat finish
  • These are easy to clean and give the house a modern look
  1. Materia Collection

The tiles from the Materia collection are another example of the sheer class of Italian porcelain. These are available 4 rare shades, Anthracite, Graphite, Grigio, Beige, idealistic to give the interiors an industrial touch. These tiles are, thus, also worthy options for the interiors of office space.

  1. MySpace ESP Collection

Made from real Italian porcelain, these mat tiles are perfect for floor installation. They radiate the exact same grainy texture, shine, and strength as that of sublimated wood. It is available in the following 5 stunning hues.

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Cloud
  3. Cognac
  4. Rice
  5. Tobacco
  1. Rialto Collection

Hailing from Italy, the quality of the tiles from the Rialto collection is unquestionable. These tiles actually take up the shine, smoothness, and texture of polished marble. Available in Bianco, Gray, and Sky colors, these indoor tiles are ideally used for floor installation.

  1. Brig Collection

The Italian tiles from the Brig Collection are perfect options for people who love the texture and look of bricks. These indoor mat tiles are available in the following 5 graceful colors.

  1. Anthracite
  2. Gray
  3. Cotto Dark
  4. Ivory
  5. Mocha