Awesome Tips when Picking Bathroom Tiles

When you decide to remodel your bathroom or make a new bathroom, you will have to take into account many things. These include picking the best tiles. Tiles set the tone for how your bathroom space will look and feel. But, with many tiles on the market in almost all colours, shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles, you may feel overwhelmed. Luckily, by keeping the following tips in mind, you can narrow your options down and choose the best tiles with less of a headache:

Pick a Stand-Out Tile

To start picking your bathroom tiles, look for a design you love. You have probably fallen in love with a pattern, interesting shape, or a bold colour. This will be your bathroom’s feature tile that can be used either to add some drama to the floors or as a wall accent. The stand-out tile is used for determining your accent tiles.

Think about your Accent Tiles

After picking a feature tile, take into account a tile or two to compliment it. Ensure the complementary tiles will do just that. Picking too many bold tiles will create too many focal points. That is why you must go for something neutral or plain or one with a simply textured style so your stand-out tile will take centre stage. Club Ceramic has ranges that have some tile patterns and styles that complement each other perfectly to achieve a cohesive bathroom look.

Choose a Neutral Floor and Ceiling

Usually, people use neutral tiles on the floors as an eye-catching colour will draw the eye downwards instead of letting it see into the space. With a neutral floor, you can experiment more with accent colours on the walls. In general, a neutral or white ceiling will have the same effect.

Pick Tiles with Shared Dimensions

Keep in mind that little things such as grout lines which do not match up can drive you crazy and might make it make harder for your installer to work on the tiles. When picking various tile sizes, ensure they are multiples of each other, a 12” x 12” floor tile with a 4” x 4” wall tile and a 1” x 1” border tile, for example. This way, all your tiles will line up neatly.

Balance Various Kinds of Tiles

The majority of bathrooms have some tiles used together to establish a cohesive look with visual interest. When picking tiles try to limit yourself to not more than three different tiles. Too many tile types, sizes, and colours will seem overwhelming, especially if you have a smaller bathroom space.