5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Work Art

A beautiful piece of art is the best way to create visual interest and provide the spaces of soul and personality. But the choice of a work is always a very personal decision. The connection with the piece is purely emotional so that what one can move can leave others indifferent.

It is precisely because of this that it is difficult to determine what kind of paintings, dimensions, style, and themes that are most suitable for our home. When choosing art, these are the most common mistakes that are often made:

#1: Not investing in a quality artwork

When decorating a home, we invest in a comfortable sofa, a good mattress or a soft rug. But we often forget art. It is not necessary to fill the walls of paintings: it is enough to find a special piece that touches our hearts, and that is also within our reach. In fact, it does not have to be excessively expensive. Just make sure you invest in a quality one. And if it’s going to be for your office, you can consider getting metal prints like Big Acrylic metal prints. Don’t forget; a space without art is a space without a soul.

#2: Incorporating too many pieces

A piece of beautiful art should not compete visually with any other piece within the same space. Each room must have only one protagonist. The rest of the decorative elements have to be discreet. Bet on neutral colors and white walls which do not rob art’s prominence.

# 3: Choose the decoration first, the picture after

A painting can have a great visual impact in a space and end up dictating the style or the chromatic palette of the rest of the decoration. Therefore, art is one of the first aesthetic decisions that should be considered when decorating a space. Once the perfect picture has been found, for example, cushions that repeat the tones of the same can be chosen to create a chromatic connection between the different elements.

# 4: Ignoring the scale

The size of the painting must take into account the dimensions of the wall on which it is going to be located. A too large picture will appear disproportionate on a small wall and vice versa. Many sheets can be purchased in different dimensions, so you can choose the size that best suits the space available.

If the wall is elongated, you can opt for a composition of two or three pieces. It can look great on furniture cupboards, sofas or headboards.

# 5: Choose the wrong environment

When it comes to incorporating art into a space, we must take into account the moods that each work can arouse in you and in the people who live with you. For example, a bedroom will need quiet and peaceful art pieces, while for more active spaces such as living rooms or dining rooms, you can opt for more vibrant and eye-catching pieces.